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WKWebView iOS linking Javascript File

I’m having trouble getting a javascript file to run from inside a UIViewRepresentable WKWebView. This is probably a simple question with a simple answer, but I cannot seem to figure this out. I’m new to Swift and iOS programming. I’d like to link to a javascript file from inside a String of HTML that is passed to a UIViewRepresentable of

Javascript media queries not working in safari / iOS

Hope someone can help. The following lines of code work in everything except Safari. Has anyone else discovered how to get Safari to recognise / process these queries? Any and all help gratefully received. Answer Safari does not support resolution, though it looks like the relevant bug has been fixed so it’ll come out at some point in a Safari

Null check operator used on a null value in WebView flutter

please a error when I try to reload my webview from a button : E/flutter (18150): [ERROR:flutter/lib/ui/] Unhandled Exception: Null check operator used on a null value this is my WebView Answer enter code hereUse the fallback operator to set a default value for null values before using the variable. Here, “str” is null, and we set the fallback operator

nativescript-firebase ios initialisation ReferenceError: FIROptions is not defined

I have an issue with the firebase initialisation on my nativescript app (nativescript-vue). I am using the nativescript-firebase plugin from Here is my initialisation: This works fine on android, but on ios, I get the error from my console.log ReferenceError: FIROptions is not defined My firebase.nativescript.json file is the following: I have tried removing and adding the plugin and

React navigation content size too narrow

Hi I am implementing react navigation in a react native app, and I am following the docs on react navigation. And I when I run the code this is the result: My question is how do I make the center content’s width same as the screen. Also, his is my first time using react native expo after switching from reactJS