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Tag: google-chrome-extension

Chrome Extension: Confirm window is not appearing on currently using tab? it just appear on one tab (popup.html)

I am developing chrome extension for e-gym that generates confirm window for using chrome browser after every one hour. I have developed chrome extension but the confirm window is only appearing on popup.html. I want to turn on my extension let it generate window.confirm on any tab that I am using currently after 1 hour. here’s my code: manifest.json: **popup.html:

chrome.runtime.getURL() unable to inject javascript file into my webpage for manifest V3

Background: I’m making a chrome extension, and I must migrate it to MV3. I modified my manifest.json file to include web resources, but when I go to inject my resource from my content script using chrome.runtime.getURL, it says it can’t find my file. Specifically… GET: Chrome-extension:://”the_url/inject_script.js” net::ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND I’m using the content root path to my web resource (javascript elements I

Using a variable in place of an array

I have a number of arrays I’m using for my first Chrome extension. I want to use a different array for my extension depending on what a value is in a specific variable (locationVal), which is a number between 1-4. Here is the function that decides that: The firstList, secondList, etc. are my arrays, which are declared as: The main