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How do you use state variables to make a nested drag and drop in React / Kanban board not working in React

Context: The main issue I am trying to solve is that stopping the propagation on an onDragStart event handler (via e.stopPropagation()) is disabling the drag-drop functionality all together. However, when I try to set a flag in the state, to stop drag-drop events to fire on parent elements; the flag does not work/ the state does not set in time

How to make NgbModal draggable with @angular/cdk

I have some difficulties with figuring out how to make my modals draggable. I have reusable modals with its own service which is called to create one inside components. confirm.modal.service.ts confirm.modal.module.ts confirm.modal.component.ts confirm.modal.component.html So I want to make the whole modal be draggable with Angular built-in DragDropModule, hence I should add cdkDrag inside element with class=’modal-content’ but I don’t how


This is my updated and modified script, it works completely, except I would like to universalize it… observe the **** how can I make it so that I don’t have to do function(e){BOX.Draggable.elemen = || e.srcElement; elementDraggable(e); everytime I need to use the dragable function for a different element? AdvertisementAnswer Is jQuery an option […]