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Translating Curl Request with Form Data to Axios

I’m trying to mimic the following request using axios: More information: I came up with the following code: This keeps timing out and not giving me any response, which leads me to believe my request is malformed. Am I doing something wrong in trying to create this request with form data using axios? Answer Paste your curl command into

How can i get data from FormData in javascript?

I need to read data from FormData? I try to read something like someFormatData[“valueName”] but it not working. options[“fileId”] or options[“file”] does not work. Also I try options.fileId same result: Answer If you take your FormData object you can use a few different methods on it… What you are looking for is or Note that the get() method is

FormData.append(“key”, “value”) is not working

Can you tell me whats wrong with this: My output looks like this, I cant find my “key” – “value” pair I can’t understand! Yesterday it worked so well, and today my head crashed the keyboard so many times! Firefox, Chrome, both the same :/ Answer New in Chrome 50+ and Firefox 39+ (resp. 44+): formdata.entries() (combine with Array.from() for