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how to download file using api angular

I have an API that downloads a file, I have a button on the button I have a click that sends a request to the API for download a file, but it doesn’t work request sending successfully but the file is not downloaded, but when I’m adding the URL into the browser the file is successfully downloaded HTML TS Service

Difference between gzip and x-gzip content? If so, how to I decompress x-gzip? zlib is choking

I have a library, published via npm as “by-request”, which can, among other things, auto-decompress web content. Part of the code to handle this situation looks like this: The code had been working pretty well until I tried to read a file of astronomical info from here: I was hitting the reject(UNSUPPORTED_MEDIA_TYPE) error handler because I hadn’t specifically handled

Let 3rd party change styles of an iframe of my site

Let’s say I am hosting and have file that is simple as this: Now say 3rd party website called wants to embed this content via iframe element like this: So I get this result in the Chrome browser when I open (ie. is playing the role of the 3rd party site here, while is