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Tag: curl

Translating Curl Request with Form Data to Axios

I’m trying to mimic the following request using axios: More information: I came up with the following code: This keeps timing out and not giving me any response, which leads me to believe my request is malformed. Am I doing something wrong in trying to create this request with form data using axios? Answer See the documentation: params are

Outputting JSON from Curl APi call to Ajax

I am working on a course project in which I am required to use php to make api calls. The Ajax call looks like this: The php api call looks like this: This works perfectly. I have used the same routine to make similar calls go the geonames API and had no issues doing so as they provide the name

Run line of javascript code over multiple pages

I want to run a simple line of code: over multiple pages of the same website. I have a list of all those pages, I want to open the page, click those two elements and close the page over – 700 times. Can I possibly program chromium console to do that(taking into account loading times)? Answer You can use PhantomJS