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Tag: blob

blob URL as audio src

After I get audio file from input, I make it to url using ‘URL.createObjectURL’. And the url looks like ‘blob:’. However, if I put this url to the src in audio tag, this shows nothing. Answer HTMLAudioElement class contains .play() function to open the sound, you need to call it example:

send blob to python flask and then save it

So I’m trying to make a website that record your voice, the problem is that when I send to a flask server the blob file or the blob url, my flask python code says that is no content while it is, how can I send the blob, so the server can save it as a file. and my python flask

SVG to Image returning blank image blob

I have an interactive drawing app on my website, and I want to create a button where one could share their drawing on FB. I’m trying to convert the SVG element to a blob, to then pass it to og:image, but I’m having some issues with the conversion. I have two trials: one doesn’t trigger the onload function for some

JS get string from blob

I have a function async function create_blob(image) { const blob = new Blob([image]) return await blob.text() } And I want it to return a string. When I try to use this data blob_hidden_input….