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blob URL as audio src

After I get audio file from input, I make it to url using ‘URL.createObjectURL’. And the url looks like ‘blob:’. However, if I put this url to the src in audio tag, this shows nothing. Answer HTMLAudioElement class contains .play() function to open the sound, you need to call it example:

Is “pause” event called on any kind of audio stop?

MDN says: The pause event is sent when a request to pause an activity is handled and the activity has entered its paused state, most commonly after the media has been paused through a call to the element’s pause() method. But what if the audio stops because it stalled, or on an ended event. Would it still trigger the pause

Why does audioContext mute the sound

I’m trying to do a visualiser like this: Visualiser Audio js But with the file that is on my pc not one that the customer can choose. Like here the file is on my pc. I found this person doing it but it’s the customer who choose the file they want, so how can I do it ? I tried

NWjs version of Bad Time Simulator not playing bgm

I found a game online, or which the source code is here, and I wanted to mod it. However, after modding it online on Github for a while, I was being driven crazy, by the github pages load time and my browser cache, which seemed to defy all attempts at deletion. Finally, I attempted to use NWjs to load it.

Streaming into element

I would like to play audio from a web socket that sends packages of sound data of unknown total length. The playback should start as soon as the first package arrives and it should not be interrupted by new packages. What I have done so far: However, to my knowledge, it is not possible to extend the size of ArrayBuffer

Play an alarm with the table value in webapge

I have a webpage containing a table that auto-refresh everytime & updates the table values. I want to add an alarm when the table value reached a threshold value so I don’t have to look at the table always. what is the best possible way to do this? My webpage is updating data using PHP. I know this is somewhat

React Unable to play audio

In my return statement of my react code I have: This creates a HTML object for the audio. I have a file called 49.mp3 in the same directory as my code. Then I have an event listener that plays that sound when a key is pressed: When I press my key, I know this function gets called but no audio

JS: play multiple audio sources simultaneously when loaded

I have a web project (vanilla HTML/CSS/JS only) with three audio sources. The idea is for all three to play simultaneously, but I noticed on mobile that the files were playing out of sync (i.e. one source would start, then a few ms later the second would start, then the third). I believe they are playing due to the individual

Send Wav file from js to flask

I have this code in js witch recod an audio from the browser and I need to send it back from js to flask How I should do that while making the file in wav format? Answer The following example creates a limited time audio recording and uploads it when finished. A form containing a blob is used for this.