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Tag: mysql

Encrypting data using query in Node.js and MySql

Is it safe to encrypt the data posted in MySql using query in node.js? I tried something like this and it works pretty fine in terms of encryption but I don’t know exactly how safe it is, I am pretty much a begginer in this area. Answer Let’s say I wanna encrypt the password so it could be safe from

code event[] calendar in laravel 8 not working

I created a calendar with laravel 8 and PHP 8,it is running ok in php 7 but I have to upgrade to php 8 because of the demands of the times I have successfully saved data in the database but the data in mysql does not appear in the calendar, even though I have used event[], I have checked that

how to return in connection.query

I have a problem… I wanted to return “A” but The result was “B” I don’t know what to do Please help me my code: My results Answer You are mixing here callback with promises. To reach what you want, wrap your function in a promise:

I am trying to fetch information from phpmyadmin database, but in browser it’s showing cannot get/employee and in command prompt there is no error

Windows PowerShell Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Try the new cross-platform PowerShell PS E:Developmentcrud-node> node index.js Express server is running on port number: 8000 DB connection is successful Answer there seems to be spelling mistake in end point. The one you specified in error detail and the one defined in the code are different

Redirect based on the ?id= parameter in the url

I have a login system that I build in PHP and MySQL. if any of my users log in they get directed to the user.php page I have an authenticate.php page that redirects the user based on their ID to a page. This is the code that adds the id to the URL: header(“Location: user.php?id=”.$id); ) Can I write a