Gettting an undefined value from bcrypt hash function

Ok, I’m getting an undefined value from a function, I don’t know why, I’m trying to get the value of a password hash for insert in the database, but the const that have the function has the value “undefined”, so what I should change in my code? Answer When you call bcrypt.hash() and pass in a callback function, no Promise is returned. You can leave off that callback and then your await will work as you expect. Basically, as is common with a lot of APIs, you can choose between the “old school” callback function approach or the more modern

Question about code execution and the nature of javascript blocking/ non blocking

Basically I have something similar to the code below and I’m not entirely sure what order of execution is always going to happen. Right now I suppose it executes in a non blocking fashion, being But I’ve had times that it’s I have no control over when res.on(‘data’) is called because it is a socket event listener and is handled on a separate server. I guess that I’m afraid that the callback is going to be called in the middle of res.on() is that something that could happen? Say res.on() is right in the middle of execution would the callback

SQL UPDATE event not working correctly with discord.js via message event

I’ve been trying over the past days to get an SQL UPDATE event to work correctly with discord.js using the mysql npm package. All the login details and table, column names are correct. This is meant to update the integer every time a message is sent in the Discord text channel. I have tried multiple types of the UPDATE even none of which have worked out. See these logging screenshots: – (Before / after the event was triggered) – (discord.js console when a message is sent) The expected output should be the integer increasing by one every time

how to avoid redundency while inserting into the database in scrapping using nodejs and mysql

Am developing one using nodejs scrapping and mysql. I want to store details into the mysql database. I have written the query it is saving sucessfully and it also checks for redundancy if we run the script again. If there is no data (empty table) in the table then, it is not checking for redundancy. All data is saving into the database. The code what i have written to avoid redundency and insert into the table. Please help me to come out from this problem. Am new to nodejs scrapping. Please help me. Thanks in advance. ** UPDATE ** Thank