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Tag: automation

How to click and hold in Puppeteer

I am trying to click and hold using Puppeteer. I tried using inside a while loop but it didn’t work. I also tried this: Any ideas how to do this? Answer There are a few tools to trigger a mouse hold in Puppeteer:,, mouse.down and mouse.up. page.hover can be useful for positioning the mouse over a selector

how to launch puppeteer with an already existing profile multiple time

so am trying to launch puppeteer with already existed chrome profile and it works , but what i want to do is to launch the same process multiple time which throw an error (node:12820) UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: Error: Failed to launch the browser process! [0311/] Web security may only be disabled if ‘–user-data-dir’ is also specified with a non-default value am doing