Lightweight web browser for testing

I have e very specific test setup in mind. I would like to start a web-browser that understands Javascript and can use HTTP proxy, point it to a URL (ideally by specifying it in the command line along with the proxy config), wait for the page to load while listening (in the proxy) requests are generated as web-page is rendered and Javascript is executed, then kill the whole thing and restart. I don’t care about how the page renders graphically at all. Which browser or tool should I use for this? Ideally it should be something self-contained that doesn’t require

Jest equivalent to RSpec lazy evaluated variables (let)?

In rspec you can do something like this: This allows you to define a method call or instantiation of a large object as a sum of its smaller parts. You can then override those individual small parts inside different contexts. The idea being that you create a happy path before each test, and then specify deviations from the happy path within your context blocks. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to do this with Jest. I’ve tried the following: Because jest executes every describe block before running any specific describe block, input is always ‘baz’. Does anyone know a work around, or

node.js mocha before function runs after test execution

I have moved this around so much and tried with done(), asyncand chaining then(), moving the describe() around and my latest attempt was to return a promise in the before as Async function in mocha before() is alway finished before it() spec? suggested. The console.log(‘finished!’) that indicates the tables have been created is printed way after console.log(‘starting tests’) that indicates the start of the tests. I should mention that somehow the user table is created and all the user tests works like a charm. All of my tests fail because they try to perform operations on tables that does not