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Tag: testing

Automated UI test association in Azure DevOps doesn’t work?

I am writing automated UI tests using TestCafe framework. And it needs to associate the test.js file with a TestCase in Azure DevOps to run pipelines and for receiving reports in Test Plan > Progress report. But somehow I can not associate test.js file with a TestCase because the VisualStudio doesn’t sees it Have followed this article But was

Sudoku puzzle test

Trying to write a script that check if Sudoku puzzle is correctly solved. I tried to check every value using 2 cycles and test method and replace value to “0” if test return true but script does not replace all the values and I don’t understand why. Could you please explain why script replaces some values, but others does not?

Cypress is not running in ci SyntaxError: Unexpected token ‘export’ with cypress-io/github-action@v2 typescript

I have the following plugin file for cypress: frontend/cypress/plugins/index.ts: When I run it on my machine it’s working but when I use cypress-io/github-action@v2 in my github actions I get the following error: This is my .github/workflows/cypress-tests.yml: My frontend/cypress.json config file is empty. This is my frontend/cypress/tsconfig.json in the cypress folder: This frontend/cypress/plugins/tsconfig.jsonis inside the Plugins folder: I have copied this

Module pattern variable returning undefined in test?

I have the following code below which returns certain data depending on NODE_ENV: config.js This works well in my component when I set NODE_ENV. However in my test, I keep getting undefined as a result. config.test.js Again, works fine in my React component when I start it up, but I guess I need to somehow initialize this for it

Click multiple: true cypress

I have a page where I land that have about 15 icons on it all with the same source. The way im grabbing each element looks like this: The issue that have is that after clicking on an icon I have a model that pops up where I need to click another button before I can continue to the next