Blogger post url prefix

It looks like this when I use data:post.url in Blogger; the shape I want to show; /2021/04/post-name.html How can I achieve this?

how to save a data to backend thrhough controller from selecting a dropdown list in the website odoo 12?

Ive been trying to take a user input from the dropdown list and update it to the backend through controller.i will explain my code below, JS $(document).ready(function() { $(“.form-…

How to display the summarized value of multiple rows numbers in a Text [SAPUI5]

as the title states, let’s say i do have the following model: model = { 0:{“count”:3}, 1:{“count”:4} }; Question 1: How can i display count as summarized …

Html/XML getting stuck looking for a node it shouldn’t be

I’m working on a small xml/html interface to list a bunch of buttons, and I’m having an issue with what I think is it looking for item types in nodes it shouldn’t be. The XML has a <set> of groups, and inside that will be <items> which has a <type>, a ‘button’ or ‘break’. After a check if <type> is a ‘button’, it then loads the <name>, but it seems to be trying to load <name> on ‘break’ types as well? And the XML: Answer You are looking up the jth type element, when you need ot llok up the

Some content lost while parsing string to xml

I have got some HTML code through AJAX responseText, which is 350-400 lines long. It has been stored in the variable text as string and I would like to parse it to XML. However, some of the content is removed while parsing. The result ends in the script part and none of the body part of the code can be seen. For the result of console.log(text), it returns the full code. But The result of console.log((new XMLSerializer()).serializeToString(xml)) returns a very incomplete one, which ends like that: And the alert one shows null, so I’m pretty sure that the content has

Parse xml with namespaces using JQuery and working for all browser ..

I’m trying to parse an XML response from a service using JQuery 1.11 At the moment my code works but only in Chrome, not for IE or Firefox and I need it works for all “modern” browsers. Here you are a sample of my XML Here you are my code and here you are my jsfiddle so you can try it Any suggestion or workaround? Thank you very much in advance … Cesare Answer You have to be careful with namespaces… if you work with XML that has some namespaces declaration you have to keep it in mind and build