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Html/XML getting stuck looking for a node it shouldn’t be

I’m working on a small xml/html interface to list a bunch of buttons, and I’m having an issue with what I think is it looking for item types in nodes it shouldn’t be. The XML has a <set> of groups, and inside that will be <items> which has a <type>, a ‘button’ or ‘break’. After a check if <type> is

Some content lost while parsing string to xml

I have got some HTML code through AJAX responseText, which is 350-400 lines long. It has been stored in the variable text as string and I would like to parse it to XML. However, some of the content is removed while parsing. The result ends in the script part and none of the body part of the code can be

JSON to XML Using Javascript

I am trying to convert the JSON to XML but not getting exact output.In My JSON having array object it not converting that to XML array.Mainly array object is not converting into XML as expected Actual Output: Expected Output: Please guide me if i am missing anything from the code to get my expected result Answer replace your OBJtoXML function

How to use an if-else condition in a SAPUI5 XML-View?

How can I implement an if-else condition in a XML-View in SAPUI5 that uses a flag (condition) from a JSONModel? So far I have a Controller: and a View: Edit: Is there a better way to do it than by implementing an overkill-feeling XML-Preprocessor? Answer OpenUI5 supports Preprocessing Instructions and Expression Binding. With Preprocessing Instructions you can do stuff like

Why does insertBefore delete the reference node here?

Edit: Found the problem somewhere else, sorry, false alarm! I can’t seem to figure out why insertBefore() is deleting the reference object in this javascript function: The console shows a node being present before insertBefore is executed, but it is somehow deleted and replaced by the new node afterwards. Everything still works perfectly fine after this, except for the fact

How do you fetch and parse xml in node.js?

How do you fetch an xml from online with node.js and parse it into a javascript object? I’ve been searching the npm register but only found how to parse the xml-string, not how to fetch it. Answer To fetch an online resource, you can use http.get(). The data can be loaded into memory, or directly sent to a XML parser