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Tag: cheerio

How to parse multiple div with same class name in a div in cheerio?

I have “n” number of classes with className: “classparent” In which I have “n” number of classes with className: “class1” which consists of “n” number of div’s with className: “class2” How can I parse each and every of these div.class2 and get their style property in cheerio ??? Currently I am doing this : It returns me only one div.class2

pinterest web scrape image

I’m trying to get a url from a pinterest image and send a url of it through the general profile of the user on pinterest, but it’s returning me undefined my code: Answer The problem is that the page is still loading. #mweb-unauth-container > div > div:nth-child(2) doesn’t exist, because #mweb-unauth-container > div only has one div child, and it’s

How to get immediate child of using cheerio

I have html file html content like this : After Loading html content in cheerio module and while searching for immediate li childs it’s getting all items from child ul as well like this : When i print liElements in after converting to html content i am getting output like this : You can see content from child ul is