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Tag: vue-cli

When Importing Self Made Vue 3 Library Into Vue 3 Project: “Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘isCE’)”

I created a custom component library using Vue 3, and after installing it locally thru yarn and registering the components, I kept getting the following error in the browser devtools when using the components in the template: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘isCE’) Upon researching the issue, it became apparent that the Vue community’s proposed solution isn’t

vue-cli – cannot build for development mode

I have a .env file in my project package.json When I run npm run build for the first time, it works. When I run it after that, it shows error: When I dig into the logs After I delete the public folder, it suddenly works Answer After I update the outputDir from public to build, it works. vue.config.js

Building Chrome Extensions with Vuejs and Vuecli

I’m currently building a Chrome Extension with a vuejs powered frontend. This worked pretty great using vuecli. Up until the point at which the app started using the Webextension-API. Normal websites do not have access to this API; registered Extensions do. So what’s a good setup for developing a vuejs-Extension with the power of using vuecli (which supports webpack tooling)?

Cannot specify url in .env file vue cli 3

I’m referring to the documentation about environment variables in vue cli 3. I’m able to set it up and get simple variables to show up but my url in the .env file doesn’t show up. Contents of the .env file: Here is how I’m viewing the env: The API_URL is not visible, am I doing something wrong? Answer Refer to