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Tag: vue-component

Props are not rendering inside component

I have a simple setup: I have a parent component that passes data using props to a child component. However, when I pass the props to the child component, the data is not filled in. All the tutorials and guides I’ve followed use the same syntax as I’m using, so I must be missing something. I just can’t seem to

Flip Card Component in VueJs 3

I want to achieve a Flip card component like the one here by developing a generic Vue Component, but I’m confused about how can I assign a whole face component (front/back) as a back or front face of the card, and how can I lock the flipping property (as an option), an example of the face (front/back) is: Can you

Vue 3: wrap all items within a slot with a custom component by using a render function

I am trying to build my own sortable component. I want to pass a list of items to it’s default slot. The sortable component should then wrap all passed items with a custom v-draggable component. Now withn my v-sortable component I am trying to wrap all given nodes within default slot with a custom v-draggable component. My v-sortable component looks

How to show image on v-text-field?

enter image description here computed Result: my photo don’t wanna show on field enter image description here Answer should work for getting the correct URL. However, it won’t show inside the filed, if that’s what you’re trying to do. Text form inputs cannot contain images (other than displayed as background images). They cannot contain any flow content, for that matter.