Can’t connect Vuetify to project

I followed offical documentation to install vuetify, but I’ve got trouble with that. When I am trying add vuetify to my project, I always get two types of errors: First type: P.S .app-main is my style class. Without vuetify it works fine. Second type: I am not sure what the affects are on changing errors, but they are changing when I change code in main.js file package.json My Webpack.config.js Answer Solving by adding this property to Webpack: Main.js

Vuetify data table :item-class do nothing

I’m really confused by “:item-class” prop in Vuetify (v. 2.3.4) data table. It does nothing even if I try to add a static text class. It just renders tr tags without any class: Do you know why? I think it worked some time ago and I haven’t changed Vuetify (2) version. Answer item-class does not specify the CSS classes directly. If it is a String – then it specifies the property inside the item’s Object which contains the CSS class(es). If it is a Function – then it gets the item as its argument and must return the CSS class(es).

Vuetify dynamic height for v-img

I have a container that is not 100% height of the page, it is 80% plus 60px on top and on bottom. So the image inside should inherit the height of the container. Using the <img /> and a little of CSS it is easy to achieve but I wish to add a template with loading spinner and so I started using the <v-img> for it. I can see I can set the height or the max-height and so I did a method to calculate the parent height minus the 120px to get the exact image height, and it is

Change buttons color in a vuetify list

After having tried to figure this out for two days I thought I will ask you. I think I do have a simple problem, however because of limited knowledge I’m not able to find a solution. Basically, I do have a list with OK/NOK buttons and I want to change the background color of the (clicked) button (either green or red) But how to get the reference to the clicked button? This is to set the result to the OK/NOK value: Thank you in advance for your help! N. Answer Add a data property called indexes which is initially an

vuetify v-data-table not showing nested object data

I have v-datatable using vuetify I want to get nested data to be displayed unfortunately I can’t get the nested object value this is my code and this is the header and my data i got the values but not the nested one it displays [object Object] Answer replace to

How to get selected value from dropdown in vuejs?

HTML JS How can I get the selected value of v-select upon clicking on the button ? . . Answer If you are refering to vuetify you can continue reading. Let’s take this example (codepen): If you use other key for value in your items object you need to specify the item-value attribute in your v-select element, else it will use the “value” key by default. More on v-select component