Control webpack verbosity when programmatically starting vue-cli-service serve

I’m trying to run vue-cli-service serve from inside a Node.js application like this: And it works. But when I do it in production mode (change service.init(“development”) to service.init(“production”)), I don’t see the webpack “building” progress anymore. Hence my question: how to start a Vue server in production mode, but keep webpack progress printed to the console? Answer Progress is reported by Webpack’s ProgressPlugin, which Vue CLI inserts only for non-production and non-test builds (since 3.x). You could enable this plugin in <root>/vue.config.js with devServer.progress=true (currently undocumented): Or in your e2e.js, you could insert the ProgressPlugin into the Service instance’s webpackChainFns[]

Vue cli 3 display info from the package.json

In a vue cli 3 project I want to display a version number in the webpage. The version number lies in the package.json file. The only reference to this that I found is this link in the vue forum. However, I can’t get the proposed solution to work. Things I tried Use webpack.definePlugin as in the linked resource: vue.config.js Then in main.ts I read process.env, but it does not contain VERSION (I tried several variants to this, like generating a PACKAGE_JSON field like in the linked page, and generating plain values like ‘foo’ instead of reading from package-json). It never