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Tag: vue-cli-3

Control webpack verbosity when programmatically starting vue-cli-service serve

I’m trying to run vue-cli-service serve from inside a Node.js application like this: And it works. But when I do it in production mode (change service.init(“development”) to service.init(“production”)), I don’t see the webpack “building” progress anymore. Hence my question: how to start a Vue server in production mode, but keep webpack progress printed to the […]

‘vue’ is not recognized as an internal or external command

everything was installed correctly. but whenever I try to create project, it says “‘vue’ is not recognized as an internal or external command”. I installed and re-installed but didn’t work. npm was also added to environmental variable path. Answer Locate vue.cmd and add its location to your PATH It is added to package manager(npm or yarn) installation. So you may

Cannot specify url in .env file vue cli 3

I’m referring to the documentation about environment variables in vue cli 3. I’m able to set it up and get simple variables to show up but my url in the .env file doesn’t show up. Contents of the .env file: Here is how I’m viewing the env: The API_URL is not visible, am I doing something wrong? Answer Refer to