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Tag: webpack

React-select library crashing my page on render

I am currently attempting to implement react-select into a web-app I am developing, but whenever it is rendered it crashes the entire react application with minified error #130 – Element type is invalid: expected a string (for built-in components) or a class/function (for composite components) but got: object. The code which procedurally generates these select elements looks as such And

How to define custom Express.js route for vite dev server

I am translating my app from webpack configuration into vite. My current webpack dev server has custom endopint configured for doing some stuff. I need to have this same endpoint in vite config as well. How to do this? How can I define an express.js route for vite dev server? This endpoint is for loading environment variables from a service

how to enable top level await in reactjs

I have installed craco using yarn add @craco/craco I have also replaced the scritps and have created a craco.config.js but when I’m trying to use await at top level I’m still getting this error in my react app Answer In the craco docs, it says you need to add a configure block to handle any webpack configuration options ` What

ERROR #98123 WEBPACK when running `npm run develop`

I would like to create a new Gatsby site using the instructions on , so I ran: Note: I didn’t change any configuration, so I’m using JavaScript (instead of TypeScript), not using a CMS, not using a styling system, and installed no additional features. During running npm run develop, I’m getting the following error: Environment: I’m not sure how

Bundle multiple named AMD modules with dependencies into one JS file (building a web app extension system)

I’m working on an extension system for my web app. Third-party developers should be able to extend the app by providing named AMD modules exporting constants and functions following a predefined spec and bundled into a single .js JavaScript file. Example JavaScript bundle: In the above example module1 and module2 are extension modules (identified by the spec export) and module3

How can I run a yarn app/How to run a yarn dev server?

I’ve always used just npm and never yarn/webpack explicitly. I need to run the code from this repo: Like a dev server or something to ensure it’s serving the files properly but I don’t see a “run” like npm run start. Does this just not exist with yarn? It feels like this code should work as is and I

Instagram embed: React’s JSX doesn’t support namespace tags

I was trying to embed an Instagram post on my React website but I encountered the error “Namespace tags are not supported by default. React’s JSX doesn’t support namespace tags. You can set throwIfNamespace: false to bypass this warning.” Where am I supposed to set throwIfNamespace: false. My first guess is node_modules/react-scripts/webpack.config.js. Where in webpack.config am I supposed to put