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Image in span tag into an img tag

I try to display an image with <img src=”” alt=”music cover”> using <span></span> to display the music covers of my web radio. The link is dynamic, it’s why I want to use the span tag for getting the url link of the image’s shown during music playback. I’ve tried this, but it doesn’t work: Here is my code: Without the

Alfresco Add Category based on Tag

I would like to create a script to use as a folder rule to add a category based on the tag. This script successfully adds the category to the file. However, when I add the findTaggedNodes, the script fails. I have also tried Any help would be appreciated. (NOTE: I am not a developer) Answer findTaggedNodes don’t work in javascript,

Sort array on key value

I have a function which sorts by name currently and an array of value / key pairs. I wonder how can I pass the key on which sort is being performed so I can call the same function every time like so: AdvertisementAnswer [edit 2020/08/14] This was rather an old answer and not very good […]