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it’s possible to obtain the data stored in a label label to assign it to another variable and thus be able to graph it?

my label Porcentaje: here I am adding the result of my operation to the label document.getElementById(“percentage1”).innerHTML = perc1 + “%”; I am trying to assign it to another variable the value of the label let PorcElement6 = document.getElementById(“percentage1”).label; I am trying to add that variable to the graph data: [PorcElement6, PorcElement7, PorcElement8, PorcElement9, PorcElement10], Answer Read it with .innerText, for

Is using labels in JavaScript bad practice?

I just found out about using label s in JavaScript, such as: I’ve not heard about this until now and I can’t find much information online about it and I’m beginning to think there is a reason for that. It seems to me like this is similar to a GOTO statement in other languages and would be considered bad practice.

How to change the text of a label?

I have a radiobutton list and on click on the radio button item I have to change the text of its label. But for some reason it’s not working. Code is below: Answer ASP.Net automatically generates unique client IDs for server-side controls. Change it to In ASP.Net 4.0, you could also set the ClientIDMode property to Static instead.