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JSInvokable Blazor method not being called

I’m trying to invoke a Blazor method in JavaScript inside of an OnSuccess callback for the Plaid API. Here’s the JavaScript that’s being run: Here’s the Blazor code being used: The Blazor method InitializePlaid is being called to invoke the JS method InitializePlaidLink. Then, on success, the Blazor method OnPlaidLink Success should be called. I used log statements to confirm

Blazor Server-side Restart the app @onclick event

Blazor Forms Calculator that takes inputs and calculates numbers. At the end I have two buttons, Download PDF (with the results) and New Calculation that will restart the application. Can I do that with the @onclick event or call a Javascript function? Answer I have used Navigation Manager and have navigated the app on the Index page calling it on

Cannot Move Divs in Blazor

I have a Blazor Server App with the following DIV tags I attempted to set the Height, Width, and X/Y coordinates using the code samples from this page – but that never worked and simply threw an uncaught exception no matter where I placed Try… blocks. I then moved to a more straightforward JS call: If I make this

How can I find and access a JavaScript property (‘Blazor’) of ‘window’ with a (GreaseMonkey) user script?

With the following (GreaseMonkey) user script I am trying to find (and later access) a JavaScript object (namely ‘Blazor’): When I run the script (i.e., reload the page), I get the following output in Firefox’ console: So window.Blazor can not be found. However, when I inspect (click on) the window object I can see the Blazor property: Calling ‘Blazor’ in

Blazor autocomplete tagging

Similar to this question, I am looking for a component to add tags to an object like in stackoverflow, meaning autocomplete text field for tags. I am either looking for a native component or a way to wrap a JS solution so that it can be used in blazor. Another idea is a multi-select component with checkboxes like discussed here,

Changing an Input value in Blazor by javascript doesn’t change it’s binded property value

I’m building a website using core 3.1 with blazor. In one of my components I have : <input @bind=”Message” type=”text” id=”input-message”/> Message is just a string property. and I have javascript: document.getElementById(‘input-message’).value = ‘some text’; The problem is after running the above js, <input> value changes but Message value doesn’t, and of course if I type or paste something