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How to consolidate action buttons for individual objects into a single selectInput() in R shiny?

The code posted below allows the user via clicks of action buttons to add/delete individual rhandsontable tables for data input. For deletion each table has its own action button underneath. Any ideas how to consolidate those delete action buttons into a single selectInput() where all tables are listed for deletion? I’ve tried un-nesting the deletion function observeEvent(input[[btnID]]…) which triggers a

render javascript component (ag-grid) in r shiny

I am trying to include the most basic example of ag-grid from their website in a R-shiny application, starting from there I will add more and more trying to setup a proper communication frontend-backend on data edit. However I am stuck at the basics of the inclusion. The component is included in source code but not rendered: This is the

Rselenium – cannot download spreadsheet in iframe

I am trying to download soil fertility data from the following website: I have got to the point where I can load the spreadsheet containing the data within an iframe. However I cannot figure out how to access the download button. This is the code I have so far: Any help would be much appriciated! Answer After you have

networkD3 in R – Freeze forceNetwork()

Is there any way to freeze the layout with forceNetwork() in the {networkD3} lib? This is taking me a lot of time, because of the number of nodes that my network has. I just need to stop the animation. I found something here, but didn’t solve my problem. Here is part of my code: Answer You could stop the simulation,