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Download html window object with JS

i have this iframe here, and i want to doanload the window page with pdf inside, js function print() only shows the page, i want to download it automatically, bellow is the full code (i tryed with jspdf too). Answer Iframes are only a window to remote objects thus while viewing they are showing both the already downloaded html surround

Rselenium – cannot download spreadsheet in iframe

I am trying to download soil fertility data from the following website: I have got to the point where I can load the spreadsheet containing the data within an iframe. However I cannot figure out how to access the download button. This is the code I have so far: Any help would be much appriciated! Answer After you have

SetAttribute on a specific position in Javascript

I have the following iframe When I target iframe through getElementsByTagName like this It returns: It’s creating a problem for me because it is not working as expected. When I manually insert allowfullscreen at beginning it’s working well. This is the result I want instead What am I doing wrong? Answer One simple way to add allowfullscreen=”” just after the

Cypress cant seem to find any elements inside the iframe

I am trying to access elements within my iframe following the tips listed in this article here, but for some reason cypress cannot seem to find anything in the iframe. Here is my test code And this is my iframe <iframe data-cy=”iframe” title=”iframe” style={{ height: ‘100%’, width: ‘100%’ }} src={url} /> Finally this is what I have in my cypress.json

add css to iframe javascript form list of iframes

I am trying to manipulate an iframe (chatbox) when loaded on a webpage. The chatbox loads four iframes with changing id with each pageload. Because the iframe that needs to be manipulated is the last / 4th of the list, i used get elements by tagname (“iframe”). However, no style is added to the last iframe: Answer use your code

jQuery append input value to iframe data-src

How can I append an input value to data-src iframe in jQuery. I am doing like the above snippet but the console.log returns only the initial value without the input value that should be appended. Does anyone know a way to do it? Answer You did not update data-src. You updated src attribute.