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Rselenium – cannot download spreadsheet in iframe

I am trying to download soil fertility data from the following website: I have got to the point where I can load the spreadsheet containing the data within an iframe. However I cannot figure out how to access the download button. This is the code I have so far: Any help would be much appriciated! Answer After you have

SetAttribute on a specific position in Javascript

I have the following iframe When I target iframe through getElementsByTagName like this It returns: It’s creating a problem for me because it is not working as expected. When I manually insert allowfullscreen at beginning it’s working well. This is the result I want instead What am I doing wrong? Answer One simple way to add allowfullscreen=”” just after the

Let 3rd party change styles of an iframe of my site

Let’s say I am hosting and have file that is simple as this: Now say 3rd party website called wants to embed this content via iframe element like this: So I get this result in the Chrome browser when I open (ie. is playing the role of the 3rd party site here, while is