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Tag: ag-grid

Angular ag-grid edit icon click get row data

grid setting the colDefs with multiple array of objects last being action where I’m displaying edit icon inside action button compoment action.compoment.html (ActionButtonComponent) rowData is an array of object I’m passing and which are displaying in grid How can I get particular row data object when I click on edit icon of that row Answer In ActionButtonComponent, you can use:

render javascript component (ag-grid) in r shiny

I am trying to include the most basic example of ag-grid from their website in a R-shiny application, starting from there I will add more and more trying to setup a proper communication frontend-backend on data edit. However I am stuck at the basics of the inclusion. The component is included in source code but not rendered: This is the

How to style AG grid in svelte?

I am trying to add styling to my AG grid but so far I have not been successful. The only way that has worked is setting some css variables given by the library but that is quite limited. I tried extending the existing classes but I always get Unused css selector warning and I haven’t been able to find a

How can I set default checked in Ag-Grid React.js?

I use react ag-grid and I have checkboxSelection on row. I want to default checked some rows, not checked some rows. How can I do that ? Also I use enterprise mode. So I am open every solutions. Answer I solved under favour of this website Also I added a new jsx file and import my js file.

Ag-grid Image rendering

I’m working on a project where I have to use ag-grid for table. I’m using angular for the project. But the problem is I want to show the user’s profile picture and name in one cell in ag-grid like the image I was attached. But I couldn’t render the image. How can I do this? I tried lots of things,

Ag-grid conditional formatting

Is it possible using the framework ag-grid in JS to apply a conditional background color formatting of a cell based on its value such as Excel conditional formatting (eg the second table formatting in this link is a great example of what I am trying to achieve). Basically, cells containing the highest values are green and tend to be red

Using Ag-grid with object of nested objects

I am trying to use ag-grid with an api that gives the following code And my ag-grid is set up in the following way So far that is giving me an error. I am not understanding why, because the code is working fine when I use a different api. The other api returns the following And my working grid is

How to do two-way binding in Ag-grid

Is it possible to do a two way binding in vanilla Javascript? I am trying to do a two-way data binding in ag-grid and currently, I am only displaying the data via checkbox and no binding: I would like to do a two-way data binding for this checkbox so that by checking the checkbox, I am changing the cell-value as

Ag-Grid: How to save and reload column order

Using Ag-Grid, users can drag columns to order them the way they like. I need to allow the user to save their column order (to an SQL backend) so that it becomes the default column order for them. I was trying to get the column names like this: This was an example I found for setting the header name, so