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Tag: d3.js

D3 text in alignment with rect

I have rect and a description text above chart – Issue is description text is not getting properly aligned with rects. Description is getting mixed into rects. I want to start text after rect ends. I have below code – HTML getting generated for color rect and description text – How can I avoid mixing of color rect and description

Unable to update nodes position using d3 force and Svelte

I’m trying to create a simple network using D3 force and Svelte. The network position should depend on the container dimensions computed using bind:clientWidth and bind:clientHeight. I mean that if the network container has width=200, height=300, then the network center should be x=100, y=150. The code that creates the graph is this: It’s very simple: width and height are props.

Transitioning Two Sets of Elements doesn’t work

I am trying to create a stacked bar graph. I want to add some nice transitions to my graph, but I am getting an error. Where if I try to transition both rectangles, only the blue rectangles transition in and appear. When I call: Only the blue bars transition in and appear, but the red bars never appear, even when

How to filter a barchart by a “thrid” value using d3.js

I was able to plot a very simple barchart using D3.js version 7 that relates names with points from a dataset. In this same dataset there’s a third value that I would like to use to filter the barchart. I can filter it by name or points already simply using: But if I try to filter the barchart data by

colorize D3 chord paths based on data

I migrated this D3 Chord layout to D3v7. My current problem is, I want to utilize the color attribute from var objects to fill the individual paths. Those are currently grey. I managed to get it done for the outer circle with I thought I could use the same line of code to display the respected color for the

networkD3 in R – Freeze forceNetwork()

Is there any way to freeze the layout with forceNetwork() in the {networkD3} lib? This is taking me a lot of time, because of the number of nodes that my network has. I just need to stop the animation. I found something here, but didn’t solve my problem. Here is part of my code: Answer You could stop the simulation,

D3.js rect no display on chart

I started the D3.js challenge on FreeCodeCamp, the problem is that I solved it with the chart but it only gives me a display on the rectum, only one with the width and height that it I put, I’ll show the code below. The entire code on Now, what I need to do to display the charts! I mention that

D3 Bar Chart Negative Values not Showing Up

In my bar chart, I have both negative values and positive values, but the problem is, The negative bars don’t get plotted in the opposite direction (Inverted) rather, they are plotted in the same direction as the positive bars. I understand, the Y-Axis domain, can’t start with 0 when dealing with negative values. But when I use d3.min to get

Move g element for centering them in a tree layout

I would like move the g element include multiple tspan text to enter. The attribute dx and dy doesn’t work in this example. what’s the proper way to move the g element to make it move to center? Answer For repositioning them dynamically, an easy approach is getting the size of the element and translating it up/left by half its

Hide attached child nodes onClick()

I am working on a small D3.js graph and want to hide the connected smaller nodes if the parent larger node was clicked. So far I tried several approaches and to filter the links first to receive the source nodes afterwards might be my best attempt. Unfortunately I receive is not a function error, either I totally missunderstand the