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Tag: alert

Sweet Alert inside a If Statement

I’am trying (without luck) to implement a Swal inside a If statement. here is what i’ve done: And here is the links in my html: Any tip to how can I make this work? I guess my problem is inside the If statement, but I don’t know how to fix it Answer end up that everything was working nice, but…

Jquery click event not returning anything

My jquery is not alerting anything when I click the button with the id decrease. This is my code. I am using external js file. I tried doing this and it is working fine. This is the html code: what’s wrong with my first code snippet? Answer The value you pass to ready() needs to be a function. In your

How can I put an input in the alert() box?

I have a question that I want to put an input in an alert box. What thing I have to do to create this? To make it I’ve to put an another tag, attrib, special properities, etc… Thanks. I think could be like this: Answer You can’t put anything in an alert box. As the name indicates, it’s an alert.