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Ajax call from click event issue

Look at the HTML code below: Now I want to trigger the file upload and call to ajax on the click by .upload-button. This is how I tried it in jQuery, But, this code not working for me. That mean it didn’t send the ajax request. Hope somebody may help me out. Answer I think you’re mixing up a trigger

javascript stop click event on mousemove

i have a draggable parent with click events on the children. i want to cancel/abort/stop the click event of the child when it’s starting to get dragged, but also don’t want do stop any parent events. Since i don’t use a lot of jQuery, i’d be very thankful for a vanilla javascript solution. sorry for this newbie question, but i

I want to fix clicking menu button problems

To hide the menu when I click on windows or scroll, I tried like this. My html is like this. And css is like this. If you try this code, you can find when you click window once, then the button doesn’t work. When I click windows once, dropdown showed when I click the button twice. I want to solve

Jquery click event not returning anything

My jquery is not alerting anything when I click the button with the id decrease. This is my code. I am using external js file. I tried doing this and it is working fine. This is the html code: what’s wrong with my first code snippet? Answer The value you pass to ready() needs to be a function. In your

Jquery onclick method is not working properly

I’m trying to make a search form. I want it to be like when I click in the search form opener button, the search form would show and its width would be 100%. When I click it again the search form width would return to 0. The first one is working but when I click it back, the form is