How to make a “global” component render content based on url route?

I have a FAQ button that’s fixed onto the bottom right corner of the screen (it’s on every screen of the website), when clicked a modal pops out displaying frequent asked questions and their respective answers, I’d like the modal to display different content based on the url that the user is on. For example: if the user is on then the modal would render the content specific to the sign up process, and when the user is on only the faq’s related to shopping should appear. This should be taking into account the first part of the

SemanticUI Button still active after clicked

When you click on the button, it becomes gray and stays so unless you click somewhere else. Is it possible to make it return to the initial state(light gray) right after you clicked? Answer Any <button> (not just ones from Semantic-UI) has a number of different states it can be in. These states can be selected and styled with psuedo-classes in CSS. :hover is when you move your mouse over the button :active is when you have clicked down on the button but not yet released your click. :focus is when a user has used the tab key to focus

How to inject a dinamically created element into an existing div in React JSX?

I have a list of objects photos, from a json data file, that I would like to organize into 3 different <div> columns, but I dont know how to achieve that, here is my broken non-optimized code: The idea is to insert some elements into the left-column when i%3 = 0 and others in the centre-column when i%3 = 1 and so on … And a link to my codesandbox Any help/advise will be much appreciated. Answer Easiest is probably to prepare the data outside the render function and to render the column one by one. You should not manipulate

Can a child method have change handler in React?

I was wondering why the child component with the changed value is not getting rendered here. Isn’t it a good idea to have a child handle its own changes or better to have the controller in the parent? This is the Child TodoItem As you can see the state is changed with handleChange() but this does not fire the render. I am also not too sure if another object can be assigned to an object of the state (let tempObj = thi.state.isComp). The functionality I am trying to achieve is check and uncheck a box and render accordingly. Answer What

How to start a component in a loop and close it all 3 iterations

Hello i search solution for open tag in loop and close it all the 3 iteration. The goal is to create a grill based on container row and col. My problem is I do not know how to do. Exemple : and the result wanted is : thank you for some help EDIT The problem is we can’t add someone element or componant without close it. is Bad : is good : Answer I would change your data from: Checkout for example of that And then you can nest 2 .map to replicate the structure in JSX: