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How to send a component as an argument to a function in another component?

In my case, I have a components ‘1,2,3,….’ imported in another main component ‘A’. In component ‘A’ some operation is done and among the components ‘1,2,3…’ one filtered component is returned. I have to send some props to this filtered components and render this filtered component. Am posting my code please have a look. Thank you. AR008Users and AR009Users are

Im trying to add an onClick function on the button so if the user clicks Yes, it removes the two buttons then add two new inputs field react js

this is the first code with the buttons elements while this is where the button component is called and rendered, i think this is where the logic will happen export default RightBody; again what I want to do is that onClick of the yes button, I want to display two input fields instead of the two buttons originally there. Theres

Why cant i use a function to fill a table in REACTJS

I wrote a function in REACTJS that helps me to read a JSON-File and to display the content of the JSON-File. When I use the code of the function inside of a body the display of the content works fine. But now i want to use the function to fill a table with the content of the JSON and it

Looping elements in JSX React

In React.js documentation, I wonder how is used in JSX React. in <ul> tag, why we just put the variable listItems directly?. Because I think it will return a single array instead of <li> elements like this : how does JSX treat an array? Did I have to loop listItems manually? Thank you in advance. Answer you might want

Why is my React MUI component not showing?

I am trying to use the MUI drawer component alongside with React router to display a simple navbar on the left of the page. I am very new to react and am not sure what I am doing wrong as the code compiles fine. The other two pages “Signup” and “Login” are showing up fine. The way the project is