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Tag: radio-button

How do I change this variable using radio buttons?

Hello I’ve been tearing my hair out over this all last night and this morning, I have a radio button set with 3 options and I have a variable called “Minimum_fare”. I’m trying to write javascript that will set the variable “minimum_fare” to a different number depending on which radio button is selected. I’ve looked at dozens of answers on

Syntax for checking value of radio button

Iḿ trying to check for a value of a radio input with Javascript, here is an if statements in one the functions in my code: I’m having trouble with the syntax of the if (understanding1.value == yes ) do … Here is what my code is suppose to do: The user inputs some text > the text has the id

Clicking a href selects hidden radio button

I’m trying to implement a plans page. In this page a user can only select one plan obviously. So I have a form that has radio buttons representing each plan. But Radio buttons are ugly right!? So I’m trying to hide them behind a regular a href styled nicely. Is it possible to have an a href actually select a