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Tag: recursion

Faster ‘ find & reorder’ logic in javascript

I am reordering the nodes in a certain level for a tree structure using the following recursive function. Reorder using the sort is not taking time, however recursively finding the parent node is taking time. how can I make this faster? tree data reorderedObject If i have 4 level depth and 50 items in each level, it takes 10 sec

Javascript recursion function including variables

I am trying to write a function where the function returns a sub-array of the name and age key/value pairs in the objects in an array. I am to use recursion to achieve it, however I can’t find a solution that doesn’t involve keeping the num and arr2 variables outside of the function (as when they are inside they default

How to entirely level (map / reduce / recursion) a nested object of unknown depth in the most efficient manner?

I would like to do something like the following but in a more large scale and efficient way. Assume I have an array of objects where each object needs to be leveled/flattened. Convert something like this … … to that … As is shown above, address as well is an object which needs to be leveled/flattened. But most importantly, one