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Tag: javascript

How do I correctly clone a JavaScript object?

I have an object x. I’d like to copy it as object y, such that changes to y do not modify x. I realized that copying objects derived from built-in JavaScript objects will result in extra, unwanted properties. This isn’t a problem, since I’m copying one of my own literal-constructed objects. How do I correctly […]

Disable Drag and Drop on HTML elements?

I’m working on a web application for which I’m attempting to implement a full featured windowing system. Right now it’s going very well, I’m only running into one minor issue. Sometimes when I go to …

How to load up CSS files using Javascript?

Is it possible to import css stylesheets into a html page using Javascript? If so, how can it be done? P.S the javascript will be hosted on my site, but I want users to be able to put in the <head> tag of their website, and it should be able to import a css file […]

Get next / previous element using JavaScript?

How do I get the next element in HTML using JavaScript? Suppose I have three <div>s and I get a reference to one in JavaScript code, I want to get which is the next <div> and which is the previous. Answer Well in pure javascript my thinking is that you would first have to collate them inside a collection. So

How to create a tag with Javascript?

I’m looking for a way to insert a