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Tag: vuex

why is this Vuex state syntax throwing error?

I’m quite new with Vuejs & Vuex, I created a local project just to practice, so I have a file called: employeeList with an Array of objects. I’m trying to pass that same Array as state in Vuex, but is throwing me errors. I assume the syntax is wrong, please tell what would be the correct approach and if the

Calling method in my store returns empty observer object

I am new with Vue. I have a Vue component like below. The return value of my function getBuildingsByOwnerRequest is unexpected: It returns an empty observer object. Only if I run getBuildingsByOwnerRequest again I receive the expected output from my store action. Could this be a reactivity problem? buildings.js (store): Answer The object is empty at the time it’s logged.

Vuex Action committing mutation

I have a vue app where a user can randomize a title and subtitle OR edit the fields using a custom input component. When a user chooses to edit, I’d like to send the updated title and subtitle from the input component to the store to mutate the title and subtitle state when clicking the save button after filling out

Vuex | Be able to update outside of a mutation

I am trying to update a state of a action which is controlled through Vuex. I know initially, I am unable to update the state of the action without doing it directly through a mutation. However, I didn’t really want to do that as I am trying to use it in a callback. So I attempted to clone this array