Undefined when i am returning an Object in Javascript

I’m doing a getter in VueX, and when i’m returning an object for another function, i have “undefined”. getId: (state) => (LotofID, id) => { LotofID.points.map(obj => { …

localstorage.getItem() not working in NUXT JS

I am trying to develop a shopping cart with nuxt js. I am successfully storing the cart data in local storage but I am unable to retrieve the data. N.B: i don’t wanna use vuex-persistedstate.

How do I combine two fetch requests to get the information I need?

I am writing a site with information about films. I need to get my hands on genres. But the problem is this. In the request, where all the main information is located, the genres are indicated by id. …

Vue: Using Vuex store in beforeRouteEnter hook to cancel navigation

I am trying to get vue-router to check a list of permissions, before finishing the navigation to a new route. The permissions are stored in vuex and ideally I’d want to avoid passing them as props …

Vuex 4, State is empty in component

I am trying to access subjects store state using this.$store.state.subjects inside my home component however it comes up as an empty array. Using console.log the only place I am able to see the state….

Vue.js – Get current route in Vuex module

I have a namespaced vuex store that returns an entry of the store based on the parameter of the current route. import Router from ‘../../router/index’ const options = { routeIdentifier: ‘stepId’ } …

Standard component interaction mechanisms vs Vuex – how to combine them?

The question is probably more theoretical. I have little experience with Vue and am trying to figure out where my knowledge gaps are and fill them. There are standard mechanisms for interaction …

How can i get boolean data from another component in vue js?

I have two Components. In the second component, “date-detail-filter” I always keep track for boolean value, and want to access this data in my parent component.

Passing multiple parameters to Vuex action

I have the following method in my Vue Component loadMaintenances (query = {}) { this.getContractorMaintenances(this.urlWithPage, query).then((response) => { this.lastPage = response.data.meta….

Vuex Store Object Child returns undefined, parent returns properly. Why?

I’ve seen some similar questions but they don’t seem to match my situation. When I log this.$store.state.account I get the expected result {__ob__: Nt} user: Object …