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Tag: highcharts

Change Year-month to Month(letter)-year format in JavaScript

I have a dataset with date format as var dataset = [{ “monthDate”: “2018-05”, “count”: 83 }, { “monthDate”: “2018-06”, “count”: 23 },…..] I wish to change this to ‘May-18’, ‘June-18’ and so on and pass this data to Highchart Categories. How do I do that? Answer You could parse the date into a Date object, and then format it

Set equal height for funnel highcharts

I’m new to HighCharts. I have created a funnel with the below script jsfiddle: How can I set equal heights for all the sections?. Thanks for the help. Answer A height of a section is calculated based on data. If you want to have equal sections, you can provide mocked equal data and show the real data in a

How to display values on line stacked columns on highcharts

I want to display the value on the growth in the stacked column but it hasn’t worked yet, can anyone help me? ;( I set it on the datalabel like it still doesn’t work Answer You have used spline series type, so you need to enable data labels for spline, not line: Live demo: API Reference:

Using dropdown filter to dynamic update Highchart

currently I was trying to add a dropdown filter button on my chart to let users select a specific values from a data attribute and filter the related data shown on the chart. I populated my data’s attribute to the select unit, and I was trying to update the chart with parse the data from the selective value, but seems