How to show No Data Available Message in highcharts

Can we show a message using highcharts.When the data is not available? we have to show a message Example : No Data Available. If we have data hide : No Data Available message . in highcharts dynamically Answer You can use Highcharts Chart Renderer Here’s an example in JSFiddle

How can I achieve this using HighCharts library

I am very new to Highcharts. I am developing a dashboard and I need to create a percentage usage of equipment at a Plant. I checked all the demos provided by Highcharts but didn’t find a similar one. This what I need. I know I can do it from scratch but I prefer to use Highcharts if possible. Answer I prepared a demo with using stacked bar which could be a good point start for you to create a same chart as in the shared picture. Demo:

Highcharts Treemap, drillup event

I have a nice javascript treemap and am able to add events for drilldown events like so: I’m not able to add a similar event when drilling back up, when clicking the back button. I tried: but neither the drillup in series nor chart seems to work, how can i achieve this? Answer I found a workaround here: Here’s the updated

Dynamically update subtitle on Highcharts chart?

Is it possible to dynamically update the subtitle of a Highcharts chart? In the docs, I can only see options relating to initial configuration options, not methods to update the chart. In the update I’m doing, I’m also updating the data, and I’d like the highcharts update to be part of a smooth redraw if possible, rather than re-rendering the whole chart. JSFiddle: Answer API reference: