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Tag: google-sheets-api

NodeJS accessing Google SpreadSheets

I made this code (index.js): I’m trying to connect my code with a google spreadsheet. For the connection, I’m using node.js, but I’m getting this error message. Does anyone know why I’m getting this error? What am I doing wrong? Answer When I saw your showing script and your error message, I’m worried that the current version of google-spreadsheet you

Trying to add a hyperlink to Google Sheets via API

I’m using the gapi.client.sheets.spreadsheets.create() method and passing in an object to create a spreadsheet with some predefined values. I’ve tried various implementations and haven’t yet succeeded in pulling it off. I’m referring to the docs here: My Object looks something like this: Google says: “To set it, use a =HYPERLINK formula”. Is this not the hyperlink formula? When the