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Tag: javascript

want to style the all dots of pre built html canvas background

The code is different, I apologize may I didn’t ask the question the right way, you can understand well in principle, When I’m hovering the dots get colours and connect to each other, other dots are invisible, I want that all dots should be visible all time. live example available on codepen, Answer If I understand your question correctly,

How to set textarea height using min-height?

I am trying to create a message input field, using textarea. The reason I am using textarea is to be able to dynamically change the height. To be able to dynamically change the height of the textarea and the parent divs, I have implemented this code. The code works, just fine. To be able to use this JavaScript code I

Pulling and displaying API data to tailwind cards

could someone help on how to get all data from this console log? I am trying to display all the details in individual tailwind cards but not sure how to get the data. Thank you for your time. It works and I get the results below in console. when I tried console.log ( for example, it gives an error “Parsing