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Tag: sockets

Receive data continuously from socket react

I’m currently using this code for receiving data from sockets Code: the server sends data(images from camera) continuously. how to receive it without refreshing? i tried one method that requests data every milliseconds. i don’t know whether it is a good way or not Request every milliseconds code: is there any other way to continuously receive data from sockets? Answer

Where is io.sockets.adapter.rooms in io of nodejs? The short answer: io.sockets.adapter.rooms I analysed io: The sockets output part from io as shown in that answer contains the following: Where is the adapter? Where are the rooms? What is the way to find out adapter and rooms from the output of io? Answer I think you are trying to get room before joining it. First You have

JS file gets a net::ERR_ABORTED 404 (Not Found)

I am trying to create a simple Io-web-chat. I recently wanted to seperate my <script> inside my html file to an external js file. this is my very simple folder structure: Relevant part of html file: Relevant part of index.js file: Relevant part of server.js file: I also tried putting my files in this public type structure that they have