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Tag: javascript

How do I get Javascript to track my score increments?

I am making a basic Rock Paper Scissors game and thought I was coding the score increments correctly, but the game keeps the scores at 0 each round. I tried initializing the variables within the function as well as globally. I tried adding return in front of the variable increments. I tried with and without the return score statements shown

How can I get the start time of the next appointment of a professional

I have a list of appointments with a start time, an end time and the practitioner’s id. I have filtered the appointments that belong to that professional, but now what I want to do is to be able to get the end time of the first appointment and the start time of the next appointment for further processing. Answer forEach()

include tailwind css in bundle js

How could I include tailwind css in bundle js ? this is the an example with vue 3 and tailwind 3 running npm run build , it creates 3 files: app.js ABOUTPAGE.js app.6cba1802.css I want to include app.6cba1802.css into app.js, so the result should be: app.js ABOUTPAGE.js Thanks Answer You can use the css.extract option from vue cli :

Next-auth CredentialProvider config and redirect

I’m a bit confused on the implementation of the credentials provider and the redirects. The documentation says that the credentials provider doesn’t support a callback and its for the OAuth providers. This is fine. However, instead of staying on the page and flashing an error message or even logging in like in this video it redirects to https://localhost/api/auth/callback/[credentials-provider-name]. Which doesn’t