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Tag: iframe

How to automatically add a sandbox attribute to iframe using JS

I have multiple video players on my site, but they open popup ads, so to block them I use the sandbox attribute, but not all of the players have the sandbox attribute. So I need javascript to automatically add the sandbox=”allow-modals allow-orientation-lock allow-pointer-lock allow-presentation allow-scripts allow-top-navigation allow-forms attribute to all iframes on the page. How […]

How to find valid links for iframes?

If I use this code line: The browser will deny the access to the website. But if I use this src, suddenly it works : I saw already couples of websites that the regular domain not working as iframe but additions like /webhp?igu=1 make it work. Why does it happen ? It’s like the “key” / API for using it

Mobile Safari, scrollIntoView doesn’t work

I have a problem with scroll to element on mobile Safari in iframe (it works on other browsers, including Safari on mac). I use scrollIntoView. I want to scroll when all content has been rendered. Here is my code: Answer ScrollIntoView does not work (currently). But you can manually calculate the position of the element and scroll to it. Here

Access iframe variable from parent – undefined

I want to access a variable in iframe from parent index.html. The index.html: The iframe index2.html: In the console, the variable clickParent is “undefined”. How to fix this and make the variable clickParent = clicks? This question is not a duplicate of Sharing global javascript variable of a page with an iframe within that page because it is the opposite.