How can I create a custom loading indicator in Nuxt.js?

Inside this page ( says that I can create a custom loading indicator but not says how. Somebody can help me – how to create and set this into to nuxt.config? Answer Here is a collection of default loading indicators in Nuxt.js source code. Basically, you can specify the HTML template to use as a loadingIndicator in nuxt.config.js. Note, that indicators can have access to

How to Run a Python Script from a Nuxt.js SPA?

I am currently working on a Nuxt.JS SPA. One of the feature is uploading, downloading, and deleting files from a cloud storage. I’ve already successfully done so using Google’s Firebase products and API because google has it in Node.JS. Now I have to change the storage to a Ceph storage. The issue is, I have to do this using Ceph’s Object Gateway S3 API. But, Ceph doesn’t have this in JS, Node.JS, etc.. I can use Python to do implement them and I have created Python script(s) that could do just that. Now, I have to somehow call these Python

Access LocalStorage in Middleware – NuxtJs

Well, I’m starting with nuxt and I have following routes: I want to protect the /dashboard, but only for users logged in with a token in localStorage. The simplest way I thought of doing this was by creating a /middleware/auth.js and registering it in the /dashboard/index.vue component. But I cannot access localStorage within a middleware, because LocalStorage is client-side. I have already tried to add this same check in the created() dashboard layout, but I cannot return window not set mounted() is too late, it can only check after the page has been fully assembled. So how can I achieve