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Tag: local-storage

Clear local storage on session clear

I want to clear localStorage on session clear, i.e when the user exits the browser. I am using window.onbeforeunload for this purpose, as shown below. The problem is that this function also removes item also on browser reload. Is there any way around this, or is it any better way on implementing this? Edit: This is a react app, is

How do I use localStorage to remember a user’s name

This code has been checked for errors and none were detected. But, when it runs, it alerts null. For Sololearners my code bit: Why is this?* *jQuery answers are OK Answer You are not getting a hello alert is because you are checking getItem’s return value with === true and !== true. setItem will convert your value to string,

How to change the data stored in LocalStorage when clicking on element in react?

I am creating to-do app in react, and storing the data in localstorage,when user click on particular task it is mark completed, for that purpose i have “complete” boolean property for all task in i want to change that property onclick of that particular task,How to achieve this?.Here is the code link : Answer I suggest you make