How to update the quantity in my array in the local storage

I’m creating a shopping cart where in if I add to cart, the quantity should be added to the previous quantity. In my case it only sets to a quantity and is not adding. Here is the code that I tried: Answer Just needed a slight modification to the addition logic. You need to check if it already exists in the itemsInCart array before pushing it.

How can i remove a localStorage value from a string, without hardcoding the value?

I’m messing around with JS and localStorage, creating a todo-list. When an item in the list is clicked, it changes its CSS class, and it should be deleted from localStorage. The value of the item is decided by the user, so i cant hardcode in for example. I have tried doing this: (longer version below). It doesn’t give me an error, but it also doesn’t remove the item from localStorage. The tasks are all added to a localStorage key called “Tasks”: As stated, the item should be gone from localStorage, but it isn’t. It’s probably a fault in my code,

Access LocalStorage in Middleware – NuxtJs

Well, I’m starting with nuxt and I have following routes: I want to protect the /dashboard, but only for users logged in with a token in localStorage. The simplest way I thought of doing this was by creating a /middleware/auth.js and registering it in the /dashboard/index.vue component. But I cannot access localStorage within a middleware, because LocalStorage is client-side. I have already tried to add this same check in the created() dashboard layout, but I cannot return window not set mounted() is too late, it can only check after the page has been fully assembled. So how can I achieve