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Search in array of precise positions

I currently have a painting with 64 tiles, each color is defined. Grey is a valid position, black is an invalid position (a wall), green is player pawn 1 and red is player pawn 2. When player 1 clicks on his green pawn he can choose to duplicate himself on a valid tile close to him (Grey) or jump on

Data wrong display using @antv/g2plot.js version 2+

I have been trying to use G2plot ( for a basic line graph. I made some tests a while ago with the 1.28 version and it was working fine. I removed some config that became obsolete and tried the latest version but the display of the graph isn’t the same and looks like something sketchy. I guess I made a

How to create Gremlin query that only updates defined properties?

I want to create a Gremlin query that only updates the vertex properties that I are not undefined in JavaScript-land. The properties on the actual vertices are defined, but my updateUser function might not actually get both firstName and lastName arguments. Let’s say that I have ‘user’ vertices that have the ‘firstName’ and ‘lastName’ properties. When I call my update

How to add title to each subplot in PLOTLY JS

just like in subject. I read documentation from plotly but i did not found any helpfull information. Maybe someone know how to add title to each plot in PLOTLY JS ? Answer At the moment you can,t set the subplot title directly. But you can set subplot title using annotation text. Hear is a example Annotation text plotly.js