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how to give string value on y axis in rechart

I am working on Recat.js and using rechart library for chart implementation. I want to give string value on the y axis as label and workout on some numbers included in the json data in x axis. here Iam giving my code I don’t why its not working properly. the value key pair has to gone through x axis and label values on the y axis. but its not working . please help me to solve this issue. iam giving my code

  "timestamp": 1645727400000,
  "value": 1,
  "timestamp": 1645790232297,
  "value": 2,
  "timestamp": 1645790232297,
  "value": -2,
  "timestamp": 1645790232297,
  "value": 2,
  "timestamp": 1645790232297,
  "value": -2,

 return (
    <Container lg={6}>
    <ResponsiveContainer aspect="3">
        top: 10,
        right: 30,
        left: 0,
        bottom: 0,
      <CartesianGrid strokeDasharray="3 3" />
      <XAxis style={{fontSize:"12px"}} dataKey="timestamp" />
      <YAxis dataKey="label" type="category" />
      <Tooltip  />
        <linearGradient id="splitColor" x1="0" y1="0" x2="0" y2="1">
          <stop offset={off} stopColor="green" stopOpacity={1} />
          <stop offset={off} stopColor="red" stopOpacity={1} />
      <Area style={{fontSize:"12px"}}


In your data array, I assumed that the values with

  • 2 will always have the "up" label,
  • 1 the "connection_recovered" label and
  • -2 the "down" label.

In order to have the label on a fixed tick in your graph on the YAxis, you can use the tickFormatter prop, where you can pass a function, which could return the label you want according to the value.

It would give the following:

// Depending on the value of the tick, you'll have a different label
function formatYAxis(value: number) {
  switch(value) {
    case 2:
      return "up";
    case -2:
      return "down";
    case 1:
      return "connection_recovered";
      return ""

Used in the YAxis just like so:

<YAxis tickFormatter={formatYAxis} />

Which would give out a graph like the following enter image description here