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Tag: plotly.js

plotly js – x and y axis hover info on the axis

Is it possible to get the hover info to be on the axis itself? I see an example in python plotly but cannot get it to work with javascript. In the image it’s the “1977” black hover label. I’m currently working with an ohlc chart if that makes a difference. Reference for the image below: Answer Not currently possible

Plotly.js for tidy data – Bar color

I’m new to plotly JS, but I have good experience with python – I want to get the same results as the following: Essentially to use the data value to add distinct colors to my bars, is there any easy way to obtain that results?, obviously I have a tidy dataset What I want to do is to color the

Plotly.js 3D scatter plot is just black

This is something that has recently broken. Previously, I was getting normal plots when running the exact same code however now the plot is just a black screen. (Pictured Below) I am not sure what changed. I tried reverting to an older version of plotly but that did not fix it. I do not even know where to begin debugging

Plotly.js gradient color on time series chart

I am working on a time series chart and wondering if it’s possible for a chart to have like a gradient background. This is the pen of what I currently have: Attached is the sample background I’m trying to achieve: gradient background Thanks! Answer Plotly.js does not support gradient color at this moment. You can subscribe to for