Add percentage symbol to gauge indictor in plotly.js

I have a gauge from plotly.js, which currently looks like this: I need to add the percentage symbol to the number (96 in this example). Trying to achieve this: My current data and layout are: var …

Plotly.js 3D scatter plot is just black

This is something that has recently broken. Previously, I was getting normal plots when running the exact same code however now the plot is just a black screen. (Pictured Below) I am not sure what changed. I tried reverting to an older version of plotly but that did not fix it. I do not even know where to begin debugging this. I saw another question with similar problem but their solution of clearing the cache did not fix my issue. As you can see in the photo the only problem is the actual plot canvas as the colorbar still functions.

How to add title to each subplot in PLOTLY JS

just like in subject. I read documentation from plotly but i did not found any helpfull information. Maybe someone know how to add title to each plot in PLOTLY JS ?