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Tag: frontend

why is this Vuex state syntax throwing error?

I’m quite new with Vuejs & Vuex, I created a local project just to practice, so I have a file called: employeeList with an Array of objects. I’m trying to pass that same Array as state in Vuex, but is throwing me errors. I assume the syntax is wrong, please tell what would be the correct approach and if the

D3 element not showing up in DOM

I’m using this Observable post to create a calendar heatmap with D3.js. My problem is that the calendar is not appearing once it has been created. I have a demo set up on StackBlitz that is set up as suggested in the blog post. I’m not sure if I missed something in the post or if something isn’t set up

React JS Upload Image when user pastes an Image

I am developing a chat application on React JS, and I want an image to be uploaded if I copy paste an image on the chatbox. How do I trigger this? What I need basically is: An event that will be triggered when action “Paste” is performed. A way to upload image into a file type input element from the

Controlled from in React

I’m new in react and I’m a bit confused about how React runs update on every new input’s keystroke, for exapmpe, this is the form and I want to update the state on every keystroke What I don’t understand here is the update cycle, my understanding is the following: As the input’s value is tied to react state, the initial

How do I add multiple tables without writing them 1 by 1

I try to find small real life problems and attempt to write code to make my life easier, one of them being a search-table simple program that sorts data based on user input. And my question is, is there a more efficient way to import data rather than having to write. like 1000 times? I would appreciate guidance rather than

Html welcoming screen animation switching problem

The Code: Hello friends,I have 2 questions. Firstly,How can I add a blink animation at the same angle after your smiley face turns a certain angle? In my code there is no blinking smiley feature. Finally, how do I make the page border not visible on the welcoming page? so mean I don’t want the border to appear on the