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Check and Uncheck Parent/Child Checkboxes using Jquery

I have to use group of checkboxes in my project. This is how my HTML look like: Using this checkboxes, users can select their preferred parent and sub module selection. When making that selection, it should work as follows. When a parent is checked, all children are checked under it. (Parents and children are separated by a row on the

Need help on Checkbox onclick jquery

trying to learn jquery and made a simple checkbox with a function where you can make all the options read-only checking on “none of the above” button. this will be the output and the last checkbox will make it read-only I want the same result but not putting onclick on the html file, instead using jquery to work it out.

React – CheckboxTree filter

So i am using this package “react-checkbox-tree” to make a checkbox, but since this is made on classes components and i need to do it with functions and hooks, this is being a bit tricky to my actual skills. My first problem is that when i search for the parent, i only get the last children of the array for