Show div in a row just below clicked button [closed]

So I have a lot of buttons. I used flex-box. The tricky part is that I don’t know how to place that green block just after the button on a new row. Button with green color means that I clicked on it. …

Items flex item is left-aligned and right-aligned, how to center it when the browser window is resized down?

I have a navbar with 3 flex items as shown below, and I can’t seem to figure out how to center the containers when vertically collapsed. When I shrink the browser this is the result – How do I center the B logo as well as the icons container at the bottom to be vertically centered to the middle when the browser collapses? The code is below: Answer simply using pure CSS ‘s media queries: see an example

How to apply display: flex and flex-direction: row in JavaScript?

I want to apply display: flex and flex-direction: row with the following code: Answer Assign the styles to the parent element that you have selected: You can also assign them all at once: