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Tag: bootstrap-modal

React Modal returns last value of mapped data

Struggling with this issue with the earlier answers not utilizing map function / functional components. When I click my Card, the modal only shows the data of the last Modal: Answer According to your code, multiple modals will be opened and you will see the last modal. If you have 10 products, then 10 modals will be opened. My suggestion

Modal doesn’t open on all buttons

As my title already says, I have an issue with a modal not opening on all buttons. Here is the situation: I have a page that displays all applications a user has sent for different jobs. So it may be just one, or up to whatever. It looks like this: Now if the user wants to cancel the application he

Close Bootstrap modal on form submit

I have a Bootstrap modal dialog which contains a form. The modal dialog contains a submit and a cancel button. Now on submit button click the form is submitted successfully but the modal dialog isn’t getting closed. Here is my HTML: Anybody knows how to do this? Answer Use that Code