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CSS box model issue

I have been trying to figure out the CSS for one of my projects.

I have a class ‘header-container’ applied to the div container which on checking is as follows –



I have a query on why are the contents of the ‘wrapper’ div which is the child of ‘header-container’ div, not entirely inside the content box (i.e. the blue highlighted box) and can be seen in the orange part.
Please find the CSS for the wrapper div below –



Why is the element CSS not following the CSS Box Model? and how can it be resolved?

Project is published on –


The answer is in your image:

  • .header-container has a specified height of 2vh. That’s the height limit.

  • So the text in .wrapper is simply overflowing that fixed height.

The orange sections are the 2vh top and bottom margins you’ve set.

Remove the height: 2vh, or switch to min-height: 2vh, and the problem should be resolved.