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Tag: mouseevent

JS event listeners stop working during item drag, only fire after pointerup and subsequent mousemove

I am having trouble getting event listeners to fire when the actual event occurs. I have created a drag-and-drop system that sets a variable hoveringOverTarget = true on pointerover of the target, listens for pointerdown on an image, and then calls a function on pointerup to check if it’s been released over the target. However, during dragging of the image,

javascript mouse events

Is there a way in javascript to make it so that an “onclick” works for all members of a particular class? So if I have objects A and B that are both of type X, clicking on either of them will call the …

Mouse event weirdness

Here is the Greasemonkey script I’m working on (source below): You can test it out on this page: Hover over a thread title and a div appears with a preview. The weird thing is, when you move your mouse around on the div, the mouseout event is getting fired for some reason. Anyone have any ideas as to